Peter Delueg

I am a 24-year-old photographer based in Southtyrol, north of Italy. This little, fabulous place is also known as "Heart of the Dolomites".

I've always been a mountain lover, however, I am no longer satisfied with only talking about the amazing places I've been. I needed to visually explain my experiences, for as it is said, pictures are worth thousands of words.

So, in November of  2015, I decided to get my first camera and I spent the cold season on learning about photography with video-tutorials and photography forums.

Now I’m able to share those amazing experiences with the world.

My passion is my life. Since the day I began taking photos, I am rarely found without my camera in hand.

Since I thoroughly enjoy all types of photography and editing styles, I am very versatile and capable when it comes to adapting to different types of looks and requirements.

Don't hesitate, let's connect and collaborate.